Caring for Sterling Silver Mood Rings

celtic silver mood ring oval

Our Sterling Silver Mood Rings at Best Mood Rings are really beautiful.  They are all hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office.

It is important to care for your Sterling Silver Mood Ring:

  1. Clean with a Silver Polish cloth if the Silver starts to tarnish.  Avoid cleaning the back of the mood area as this can disturb the crystals.  So generally just use a polishing cloth around the sides.
  2. Don’t use the Silver wet dips as the chemicals are too harsh for the actual mood area.
  3. Try to keep the mood ring as dry as possible.  Although the ring is made from Sterling Silver the mood area is still more sensitive than say a gemstone ring.  If the actual Silver becomes wet this is fine but avoid soaking the ring in water i.e. a bath.
  4. Generally the Sterling Silver mood rings are more water resistant than costume jewelry mood rings.  It is mainly the mood area you want to be more careful with.