Here is a Mood Ring Size chart for the band and luxury design mood rings.  The range of sizes depends on the design.  See below chart for reference.  The majority of mood rings are sizes 6-9 which is standard.  At Best Mood Rings we also sell some designs in sizes up to Size 11.  These include our magnetic mood rings, agate mood rings and some of our large oval designs.

Please see below chart to see approximate sizes.

To find your correct ring size it is useful to measure a ring that already fits you.   If you lay the ring down on a flat surface and measure across from the inside of the ring to the other side.  For example if this measures 16.5mm then this is Size 6.  If you know your ring size in letters we can give you the approximate ring size.  There is some variation between ring sizes so if you are a ½ size e.g. 9½ please email your request in the ‘comments’ section as you checkout.  Or you can email us your exact size.  If you need to exchange your mood ring for another size please just email us.