We are expanding our range of Sterling Silver Mood Rings at Best Mood Rings.

To assure customers that they are buying authentic Sterling Silver we send each mood ring to the assay office in Birmingham for full hallmarking.  Full hallmarking is where you will also see the symbol of the assay office not just the 925 mark.  Legally Silver does not have to be hallmarked under 7.8 grams, however, we prefer to hallmark our Sterling Silver mood rings regardless.

We some beautiful designs in oval styles and a horse eye.  For those who prefer a bigger looking mood ring we do 18 x13 mm designs and also 10 x 14 mm for more subtle looking mood rings. Just recently we have designed a stylish men’s mood ring in Sterling Silver.  The signet style is very popular and looks great for a male mood ring.  See our home page for some of the styles or check out our Sterling Silver Mood Rings category.

If you buying for a gift and not sure of the recipients size.  Try a Sterling Silver mood pendant necklace.  We have a gorgeous design that would be well received by all.

Enjoy low prices for Sterling Silver mood rings.  The price of Sterling Silver is more affordable to compared to previous years.

We will also be adding Sterling Silver mood necklaces and a stunning men’s signet mood ring in Sterling Silver.  Keep checking Best Mood Rings for our new designs.