Magnetic Hematite Mood Rings will be available to buy at Best Mood Rings soon.  We are so delighted to be stocking Magnetic Hematite Mood Rings.

These rings are made from magnetic hematite so they are magnetic and also mood rings.  Double the amount of fun!

Magnetic jewelry has been used for centuries to help heal the body.  People like to wear magnetic jewelry to help relieve ailments such as arthritis, headaches and insomnia.  Magnetic jewelry is said to help blood circulation and to energize the body.

Most importantly Magnetic Mood Rings are a fantastic gift as you have two novelty ideas for the price of one.   Mood changing and Magnetic.

See photos for the magnetic and color changing qualities these rings have.

At Best Mood Rings we stock these rings in sizes 6-11.  This is a good range and ensures there is a mood ring to fit all sizes.



magnetic mood ring showing blue color

For how to care for your Magnetic Hematite Mood Rings check out our Caring for Mood Rings blog

Magnetic Hematite Mood Rings are now in stock! They are available in 6 sizes.  Click here to order a Magnetic Hematite Mood Ring

Shortly we will also be stocking Magnetic Hematite Mood Rings with a wider band design.

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