At Best Mood Rings we have expanded our range to include more Magnetic Hematite Mood Jewelry.  We are so delighted to be stocking Magnetic Hematite Mood Bracelets and Mood Necklaces

All our magnetic jewelry is made from magnetic hematite which is magnetic and color changing.  Double the amount of fun!

You can also buy mood rings that are magnetic as we sell Magnetic Mood Rings

Magnetic jewelry has been used for centuries to help heal the body.  People like to wear magnetic jewelry to help relieve ailments such as arthritis, headaches and insomnia.  Magnetic jewelry is said to help blood circulation and to energize the body.

Most importantly Magnetic Mood Jewelry makes for a fantastic gift as you have two novelty ideas for the price of one.   Mood changing and Magnetic.

See photos for the magnetic and color changing qualities these rings have.  Keep checking for new styles.

Please feel free to add suggestions and comments for any mood styles you would like us to design.

magnetic hematite mood jewelry

magnetic hematite mood necklace demo

magnetic hematite mood bracelet demo

magnetic hematite mood bracelet