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Magnetic Hematite Mood Ring – Wider Style



Magnetic Hematite Mood Ring with a wider band. This is an amazing mood ring which makes a wonderful gift.

The magnetic hematite mood ring is made from magnetic hematite. This is fantastic ring as it is a mood ring and magnetic so double the amount of fun.  This style has a large ‘mood’ area than the other magnetic mood ring styles.  If you prefer more magnetic hematite and less ‘mood’ we also sell an alternative style.

There are 5 Sizes ranging from Small – Large (7-11).  The price is for one magnetic mood ring.  See photos for the colors the ‘mood’ area will turn.   Please see size chart for approximate sizes.

7-11 size

The width of the actual band is 10mm.  This style is unisex and is also and ideal buy for men who may prefer the wider band mood ring designs or for females who prefer a chunky looking ring.  The bigger the mood ring the slimmer the fingers look.

The magnetic hematite mood ring is darkish grey and the ‘mood’ is the centre line that goes through the ring.   The middle line is the ‘mood’ and this will change color.

There are health benefits associated with magnetic jewelry. It has been suggested magnetic jewelry aids pain relief; improves circulation; encourages well being and also promotes relaxation. There are also many other claims to the health benefits of magnetic jewelry.

Please note, magnetic products should not be worn if you have an electrical implant such as a pacemaker, have an insulin pump or you are pregnant. If you are in any doubt as to how this may affect a medical condition, please contact your doctor for advice.

The magnetic properties are also good to play with – see photos. If you buy two of these magnetic mood rings you can also feel the strong pull between them.

The Magnetic Hematite Mood Ring comes with a Mood Color Chart which shows the color meanings.  The color meanings can be seen in our blog page Mood Ring Color Chart Meanings

All mood jewelry at Best Mood Rings is tested to ensure good color changing quality.

Mood rings make a fantastic present and are great fun.

A free gift bag will be posted with each mood ring.

To learn about how a mood ring changes color check out our blog page How Mood Rings Work

Magnetic jewelry shouldn’t be placed on a credit card, domestic appliance or near a digital watch.

Hematite is a fragile natural stone so if dropped from a height on a hard surface it can break.

Weight 0.25 g


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