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Genuine Green Agate Mood Ring



Genuine Green Agate Mood Ring which makes a wonderful gift.  The mood ring is made from natural Green Agate so looks beautiful.

The Green Agate Mood Ring comes in several sizes.  The size ranges from Small – X-Large (5-11½).  The smallest size is between 5 and 5½ if you have any preference just mention in the ‘customer notes’ when you checkout.  There is a big variation within sizes 10-11½ so please feel to mention if you know your exact size. The 10’s are a bit large but if you would like the nearest to the 10 we will send you that one, the rest are nearer to 10½.  The largest size is near to a 11½ so if you would like that size please select 11½.  We also sell this design in Red Agate and Black Agate.

mood ring size chart

The width of the actual band is 5mm and is good quality.  The mood ring is made from stunning green natural Agate which has a gorgeous shiny luster.

The Genuine Agate Mood Ring will change color in a stunning swirly / marble looking pattern.  Each Agate Mood Ring will have a slightly different pattern as each one is unique.  There will always be several colors showing when wearing the Agate Mood Ring so will always be colorful.  The most dominant color is your ‘mood’ or the color you see change when you first wear the ring.  It is easier to gauge your ‘mood’ from the plain style mood rings, however, these look very beautiful.

The Green and Red Agate Mood Rings have a less dramatic color change than the Black Agate Mood Rings.  The Green and Red Agate are more translucent than the Black.

The Agate mood rings are very pretty.

Agate is a stunning stone and is said that the mystical energies of this stone help insomnia.  It is also meant to help with confidence, bravery and protect against evils.

It comes with a Mood Color Chart which shows the color meanings.

All mood jewelry at Best Mood Rings is tested to ensure good color changing quality.

Mood rings make a fantastic present and are great fun.

A free gift bag will be posted with each mood ring.

Agate is a natural rock and are fragile if dropped from a height.  For more information on how to look after your Agate Mood Ring please see our blog page Caring for Mood Rings





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