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Genuine Black Agate Mood Ring


5.00 out of 5

Genuine Agate Mood Ring which makes a wonderful gift.  The mood ring is made from natural black Agate so looks beautiful.

The Agate Mood Ring comes in many sizes.  The size ranges from X-Small – Large.  There is some variation within these sizes so if you need “a small 9” please mention in the customer notes and we will try to accommodate requests within these size ranges.

mood ring size chart

The width of the actual band is 5mm and is good quality.  The mood ring is made from stunning black natural Agate which has a gorgeous black shiny luster. This is hand crafted made from natural agate therefore there can be some natural white or clearer areas on the ring.

The Genuine Agate Mood Ring will change color in a stunning swirly / marble looking pattern.  Each Agate Mood Ring will have a slightly different pattern as each one is unique.  There will always be several colors showing when wearing the Agate Mood Ring so will always be colorful.

Agate is a stunning stone and is said that the mystical energies of this stone help insomnia.  It is also meant to help with confidence, bravery and protect against evils.

It comes with a Mood Color Chart which shows the color meanings.

All mood jewelry at Best Mood Rings is tested to ensure good color changing quality.

Mood rings make a fantastic present and are great fun.

A free gift bag will be posted with each mood ring.

Agate is a natural rock and are fragile if dropped from a height.  For more information on how to look after your Agate Mood Ring please see our blog page Caring for Mood Rings

Weight 0.25 g

2 reviews for Genuine Black Agate Mood Ring

  1. :

    thank you Tristian for the lovely review. Really pleased you like the agate ring.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I wanted a simple size 11 1/2 (or a 12, if it was available) mood ring; (UK: W+). Nothing special or extravagant in looks or cost. I searched a fair few sites; Amazon, Ebay, Etsy (UK and US), Jeweler stores and I always kept on coming up empty, they catered to specific ring limitation size: Size 5-9 (maybe the occasional 10 now and then), but 11 and up eluded me.

    I came across “Best Mood Rings” after an hour of searching. Soon as I saw the Agate black mood ring, I just simply fell in love with it. Beautiful colour, twists of colour within the colour changing process from the Agate ripples and it came in a size: 11 and a half. I like metal rings, but, I find they chafe my ring fingers and they quickly become uncomfortable after an hour or two, Agate rings sit on my finger nicely (but that is my personal experience)
    I could slip this on in the day and take off when I do some manual work. The price was a fair £6.25 with £1.50 postage on top, summing it up too a nice £7.75. Dispatch was quick and smooth with a 2-4 day delivery window; they shipped on the Thursday and I received it on the Saturday morning, superb!

    When I opened up the parcel and got the rings out of there secured packaging; Small cardboard box inside housed the two rings of colour changing power in the bubble wrap of protection with simple instructions of what the colors mean, forged in the land coloudor and delivered to me by the Royal mail service. In short, I put on the ring and I didn’t go invisible… One can dream.

    “New customers free ring” was a nice surprise/addition, I can mix them up on random occasions, thank you Best Mood Ring 🙂

    They gave me top quality service 10/10 and I will be purchasing another as soon as I can, the Magnetic Hematite Mood Ring size 11 – Wider Design has caught my eye and is on my list to purchase.

    -I have purchased an Agate ring before from China and forgot to take it off when I was gardening, shamefully it cracked after a short period of digging and the company I purchased it from just up and disappeared, so please be careful, they can be fragile on hard surfaces or drops onto hard surfaces

    Thank you for reading and I hope this sways you to purchase from this wonderful site, have a nice day 🙂

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