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Antique Silver Mood Ring



This is a stylish mood ring in an antique silver shade.  The mood ring has a pretty rhinestones for a sparkly and vintage look.  This is good quality mood ring.

The oval mood ring comes in several sizes ranging from Size 7-9¼. Size 7 being the smallest size and size 9¼ the largest size. Size 8 and 9 are slightly on the large size.  If prefer the larger of these sizes please select 8¼ or 9¼.  Please click on the drop down menu for the size you require.

mood ring sizes 7-10

The whole of the oval shape at the top is 1.7cm in length by 1.5cm so is a medium sized mood ring.  The mood has a faceted shape which adds more detail to the mood ring.

The ring is plated with an antique silver shade.  We also have this design in an antique bronze shade.

For more information about how to look after your mood ring see our blog Caring for Mood Rings

The mood ring comes with a Mood Color Chart which shows the color meanings.

The color meanings can be seen in our blog page Mood Ring Color Chart Meanings

All mood jewelry at Best Mood Rings is tested to ensure good color changing quality.

Our mood jewelry is made with safe materials i.e. nickel and lead free.

Mood rings make a fantastic present and are great fun.

To learn about how a mood ring changes color check out our blog page How Mood Rings Work


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