Here is an example of a mood ring changing colors.  This oval ring that shows a wonderful range of colors.

See how the ring starts off at a cold temperature showing a black or dark color.  According to the Mood Color Guide this means the person is showing a darker mood such as fear or they feel stressed.

Gradually as the ring heats up it turns yellow through to oranges and greens.  Again this shows that the wearer is nervous or unsettled.

As the ring becomes at a normal temperature it will turn blue. This is one of the most common colors the ring will turn and this is ‘normal’.

Finally the ring will go through the purple, red and pink stages where the temperature is much hotter. The range of emotions here vary from happy to romantic.


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These beautiful colors correspond to the wearer’s mood.  A Mood Color Chart will show all the colors the ring will turn and the emotions the person is showing.

Rings are affected by other factors such as hot and cold temperatures so not necessarily related to ‘mood’.  Please check out our blog How Mood Rings Work  for more detail on the science behind mood jewelry.

Not all rings change color as well as these designs.  We only sell those that have excellent color changing abilities as that is the main feature of a good ring.

As you are wearing the ring you will find the color settles down rather than constantly change but this will depend on your temperature or the ‘mood’ you are in.

If you like this design it is available to buy at the Best Mood Rings website here classic oval ring

We also sell a big selection of mood jewelry in our store.

For further information and to see a Mood Color Chart check out our Color Chart Meanings blog.








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